About Lowbrassmusic

Lowbrassmusic.com is currently one of the most modern web shops for low brass sheet music. You get access to thousands of pieces, downloaded or shipped. You can preview scores and even watch video clips of performances. When searching for music you can narrow your search on duration and skill level.

The people behind

Lowbrassmusic.com is a cooperation between tuba soloist Øystein Baadsvik and music publisher Bryan Doughty. Since 2003, Baadsvik's publishing company Ovation AS has been selling CD's and publications to thousands of customers in more than 50 countries . Bryan Doughty runs publishing companies BVD Press (BVD Press, Music Express and BrassWorks4), Cimarron Music and in addition distributes the music for Joe Alessi and Jim Self. 

Oystein and Bryan

Øystein and Bryan

Bryan displaying hundreds of titles at a conference

Bryan selling music Bryan displaying a few hundred of his titles at a music conference.