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  1. Alien Loop de Loops

    Composer: Buss, Howard J.
    Instrumentation: Solo and Electronics Instruments: Electronics, Trombone
    Genre: Contemporary
    ALIEN LOOP DE LOOPS for solo instrument and electronic recording by Howard J. Buss is a playful and capricious fantasy piece designed to appeal to a wide range of audiences. The title refers to both programmatic and technical elements in the composition. The composer envisioned a performer outside in an open area during an air show by an alien craft. During the opening section he/she is playing unaccompanied, but then is joined by the recording which contains sounds generated by traditional instruments as well as an "alien" voice, the spacecraft, and various electronic effects. Technically, the title refers to how the recording was made. It consists of numerous sound loops combined to form an imaginative and picturesque sonic tapestry. The publication includes the sheet music and a CD (attached to the inside of the back cover) that contains a performance track and the accompaniment track. Learn More
  2. Ground Round

    Composer: Snowden, Steven
    Instrumentation: Solo and Electronics Instruments: Electronics, Trombone
    Genre: Contemporary

    with downloadable backing track

    Steven Snowden creates music for a diverse array of settings of settings inlcuding theater, dance, film, mutlimedia installations and the concert stage. Ground Round was inspired by the unique sound of cattle auctioneers in the United States. Their chant presents specific rhythms, pitches, and cadences that serve to intensify the auction process and encourage rapid bidding. The end result is a uniquely musical and mesmerizing form of communication. After listening and watching several auctions, Steven decided that this could be successfully explored by utilizing the unique voice-like characteristics of the trombone in conjunction with the live audio processing.

    This piece employs live audio processing techniques via the Max/MSP programming language. The included program files can be executed with Max/MSP Runtime, which can be downloaded for free.

    Electronics Needed: Microphone with Mic Stand, Computer with Max/MSP Runtime installed, Digital Audio Interface with at least 1 mic preamp, Speakers, Cables (to connect and power these devices). Instructions are included.

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