Bessy's Voyage to Space

Composer: Owen, Matthew
Instrumentation: Solo and Electronics Instruments: Electronics, Tuba
Genre: Contemporary

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In Bessy’s Voyage to Space, Matthew Owen tells the story of a girl whose only mission in life is to craft her own means of leaving planet Earth, which is on the brink of becoming completely destroyed due to increasingly devastating nuclear warfare. Says Owen, “In this piece, the hi-hat symbolizes Bessy’s intense construction on her spaceship. The droning of the atmospheric pads and the tuba pedal tones symbolize the initial ignition of the engines and the increasing paranoia that Bessy begins to feel as the spacecraft warms in preparation for departure. The moment that the piercing synthesizer melody enters is the moment of liftoff from Earth.”

Electronics Needed: Microphone, Sizzling Hi-Hat, Synthesizer, Loop Pedal with two banks. Instructions and a setup diagram are included.

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Bessy's Voyage to Space
Bessy's Voyage to Space

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