Concerto a la mode

Composer: Miles, Ben
Instrumentation: Solo and Electronics Instruments: Electronics, Tuba
Genre: Contemporary

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with downloadable backing track

As its title implies, Concerto a la mode was composed both as a journey in exploring different styles and as a treat for the audience and performer. After a slow, lyrical introduction, the first movement, “Flan de Queso”, erupts into a Spanish march that pushes the performer to his or her limits. Percussion acts as a motor throughout the movement, which ends with a lyrical transition to “Crepe Suzette”. The solo tuba line sings throughout the second movement, backed by the lush harmonies of the accompaniment. Drum set kicks off the final movement, which features a driving rock/jazz style throughout. Influenced by its American popular music roots, “Apple Pie” has an improvisatory feel in the solo tuba line and a “tonality with bite” harmonic vocabulary.

– Ben Miles

Recording is from the Orchestral version

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Concerto a la mode
Concerto a la mode

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