Good Lips (trombone or euphonium bass clef version)

Composer: Ige, Brendan
Instrumentation: Euphonium Methods/Studies/Etudes Instruments: Euphonium, Trombone
Genre: Contemporary

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GOOD LIPS: Warm-ups, Daily Routines, and Etudes for Brass Players (trombone or euphonium bass clef version)

This book is born out of my experience teaching economically disadvantaged folk and wanting there to be a better way of getting my students materials than stealing the work of my colleagues by making photocopies of singular exercises out of books. We, as teachers and students, have all had books that were 50-300 pages long that we would like our students to own, but do not ask them to purchase because they might only use 3-20 pages. My students, generally, cannot afford to buy every book and musicians cannot afford to give away their work for free. This book is not meant to be exhaustive or original in content. It is meant to meant to be a survey of some of the work needed to become one of “the world’s best,” meant to inspire a student to purchase books that are more in depth on the concepts presented, and most of all, meant to give a student one book that touches on most skills needed in the western art aesthetic.

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Good Lips (trombone or euphonium bass clef version)
Good Lips (trombone or euphonium bass clef version)

In stock