Introduction and Dance

Composer: Deddos, Fernando
Instrumentation: Solo and Piano Instruments: Piano, Tuba
Genre: Contemporary

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Contrabass Tuba with Piano

The inspiration for this piece is the commissioner's and composer's desire to create a diverse new standard repertoire for the euphonium and tuba. The consortium for this piece was initiated and organized by Jesse Orth members include:

Jeff Baker

Nick Beltchev

Robert Benton

James Cipriano

Zach Eberle

Kevin Fenske

Toby Furr

Clay Garrett

Patrick Geren

High Plains Chapter of ITEA

Illinois State Tuba Euphonium Studio

Ithaca College Tuba Euphonium Studio

Ian Lester

David S. López

Erik Lundquist

Steven Maxwell

David Mercedes

North Dakota State Tuba Euphonium Studio

Bill Orth and Mary Watrud

Keith Packman

Jessica Payne

Travis Scott

Jared Sherman

Scott Sutherland

TAMUK Tuba Euphonium Studio


University of North Georgia Tuba Euphonium Studio

UNT Tuba Studio

Tommy Vo

Justin Weis

Randy Westmoreland

Tom Yan


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Introduction and Dance
Introduction and Dance

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